Things that I like, and I hope you might too! A pretty random selection so don’t be upset if you are not featured on it.

When I read a book, I will usually put a review on my GoodReads profile. Such opinions are strictly mine, including all errors! I am also on LibraryThing but I use that site mostly to keep physical track of my bookshelves.

Author’s Websites

  • Dr Emma Southon, the author of A Fatal Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Aggripina: Empress, Exiled, Hustler, Whore. Two great books, informative and entertaining.
  • No aviation history nerd should be without The Secret Horsepower Race by Calum Douglas. And if you already have the book, you might appreciate the collection of enlarged illustrations.
  • Kim Ghattas is a highly experienced journalist of the Middle East who wrote the very informative book Black Wave about the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and who also hosts the People Like Us podcast.
  • History that Matters is the website of James Barr, a historian who has written excellent books about the history of the Middle East.
  • Tommy H. Thomason maintains separate blogs at U.S. Navy Aircraft, Tailhook Topics, and Tailhook Topics Drafts. His works on US naval aircraft are very good indeed.


  • Literature and History podcast by Doug Metzger. Nominally the English literature and history podcast, but starting in the mists of time, and the English language has not even been invented yet. A great walk through ancient literature, with funny songs added if you like those too.
  • British History Podcast. An irreverent but thoroughly researched look at British History. Yes, we are already past 1066. Probably Jamie and Dr Zee will retire before they reach Magna Carta, but the drive is great fun, so don’t ask “Are we there yet?”
  • Revolutions Podcast. By the inimitable Mike Duncan. The story of revolutions told in great detail. Much more than he ever intended…
  • History of Egypt podcast by Dominic Perry. An in-depth look at the history of Egypt, complete with all the open questions and the doubts.
  • Bad Women by Hallie Rubenhold, author of the The Five, the life story of the victims of Jack the Ripper.
  • People Like Us, a current affairs podcast centred on the Middle East, by Kim Ghattas.
  • Emperors of Rome, by La Trobe University. And its companions, When in Rome and Raising Standards. Sorry, no links.
  • The Lovecraft Investigations. H.P. Lovecraft was a very flawed genius indeed. This 21th century update is a great fiction podcast. Start from the beginning!


  • Greg’s Airplanes and Automobiles. One for the Geeks: Greg has all the experience and technical knowledge to walk you through the performance and design details of historical aircraft, step by step.
  • Armoured Carriers. Royal Navy and FAA history retold with rich archive material. Not always the most complete perspective, but an interesting one.
  • Drachinifel. The essential Naval Histriographer, as he calls himself. With the off-screen appearance of Ms. Drach when he tries out the food of Nelson’s sailors – that episode alone is worth the visit. And several long interviews with naval historians.